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Great day at  #ArtPrize10 and a live interview with Shelley Irwin of WGVU, about my art entry, Celtic Wheel of the Year, at ​ #StudioD2DHarrisBuilding ​Artprize 2018 with Shelley Irwin at Mlive Media Group.  9/28/2019

Nichol Skaggs is a uniquely gifted Holland, Michigan Artist that we had the pleasure of interviewing several years ago. Nichol’s Talents range from Photography to Painting. Her innate soulfulness and peaceful oneness with Mother Earth inspire her and that is reflected in the Feminine Artfulness of her work. Nichol’s Art transports the Viewer into a Realm of Spirituality and Wonder of the Femininity of Creation and its Life-Giving Energy Force.

We love Original Artwork and Nichol Skaggs’ Art is truly a magical sight to behold.  Ethereal • Loving • Feminine Side of Mother Earth.

We feel blessed to showcase Nichol’s Artwork and her Photography during the months that she has been in our Gallery. She is showing here at Great Legs Winery Brewery Distillery through February 28, 2018. We look forward to making an invitation to Nichol Skaggs again when we begin planning 2019. A True Blessing to behold!

With gratitude,
Jim and Joanne Granzotto
Owners, Great Legs Winery Brewery Distillery
​332 East Lakewood Boulevard
Holland, MI  49424

Grand Rapids Magazine / Culture

Lakeshore Art Exhibit Explores “The Feminine Spirit in Nature”

by Charlsie Dewey - November 3, 2017​

After a career photographing rock stars like Kiss, Prince, Santana, Stevie Nicks, Kid Rock and others, Nichol Skaggs turned her attention to the natural world.

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